sports that start with W

In this article, I will list some of the sports that start with the letter W. These include Weightlifting, Water basketball, and Water slalom.

Water basketball

Water basketball is a sport played in swimming pools of similar sizes to water polo. It is similar to basketball in that a team of five players competes to score the most points within the time limit. Unlike basketball where a goal is scored by throwing the ball into the goal net, the ball is passed back and forth in the pool by players. Unlike basketball where the defenders try to prevent the opponent from scoring, in water basketball defenders are on the attack at all times.

Like its cousin water polo, it is not a sport for the faint of heart. Despite its shortcomings, water basketball has garnered a following among aficionados and has become a national pastime. Some countries, such as Hungary and Slovenia, even have their own leagues. However, the game is most popular in the Chicago area, where its first notable appearance was in 2003.

The sport traces its origins to the Netherlands, where waterbasketbal a.k.a., was played by a bunch of people with handicaps. In its heyday, it was a riot to watch.


Weightlifting is a sport in which athletes compete against other competitors by lifting weights. These weights are generally made of cast iron.

Weightlifting is one of the many Olympic sports. It has been part of the Olympic program since 1920. In the early days of the Olympics, the competitions consisted of clean and jerks.

Today, weightlifting is a complex sport, requiring many hours of training and practice. Athletes usually compete in a series of weight classes, which are divided into eight body-weight categories for men and seven for women.

The clean is a combination lift, involving rapid rebend of the knees and a shoulder-width grip on the bar. After this, the lifter rises from the floor to a standing position, and then ends with the bar overhead.

The jerk is a similar exercise, but it requires the lifter to jump into a bent-knees position. Once in that position, he or she pushes the barbell overhead.

The snatch is another of the olympic lifts. The snatch is a ‘one-handed’ lift.

Water slalom

Water slalom is one of the most popular water skiing competition categories. Athletes compete in the event using a 23-meter slalom rope and ski around a course of buoys. Each buoy is marked with a number, and a score is awarded for each round completed.

Water slalom requires a high level of upper body strength and agility. The course is usually run on class II to IV whitewater. It is an intense sport, but with some technique it can be fun and challenging.

Unlike other traditional water skiing events, slalom is performed on one ski. Competitors are scored based on their speed, length of rope, and the number of buoys they round.

Modern slalom skiing is an emphasis on technique, with the goal of minimizing unnecessary movement. The approach moves across wakes and turns across an inside edge, creating a significant angle from the apex of the turn. Skiers must be strong and power-efficient to successfully perform the maneuvers.

Slalom skiing involves a large amount of agility, which is necessary to negotiate the course. As a result, the modern slalom skier needs to be strong, musculamorous, and precision-focused.

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