sports that start with M

There are many different types of sports that start with the letter M. Some of them are the Military Pentathlon, Middle Distance, Macabre, and Maitake mushrooms. However, not all of them are related to the Olympics.

Middle Distance

Middle Distance is the term used to describe track and field running events from 800 m to 5,000 m. It is an athletic hybrid, combining endurance and speed. The athletes require a high level of endurance, and a finely tuned anaerobic energy system.

Middle distance running is a sport for those with a high aerobic capacity, a healthy body composition, and a tactical sense. Many middle distance runners are also conscious of their nutritional needs during their training regimen.

One of the more common middle distance track events is the 800 m. It’s a relatively short race, but it has a long history as an Olympic event. It’s often a part of distance medley relay races. The athletes run on two laps of a 400 m indoor or outdoor track.

Military Pentathlon

Military pentathlon is a multi-sport competition that tests the skills and physical endurance of participants. It is conducted by the International Military Sports Council and is designed to test the skills of the military force. The event involves six events.

The events are based on the basic elements of combat situations. They are: shooting, running, obstacle swimming, obstacle run, grenade throwing, and cross country running.

The military pentathlon has evolved since its early days. Today, it is one of the most challenging competitive events. In its latest incarnation, it is a combination of modern military skills and the traditional pentathlon. It is the largest sport in the world and will be participated by more than 30 countries. The upcoming 7th World Military Games will take place in Wuhan, central China.

Mind Sports

Mind sports are a set of activities that test a person’s mental and intellectual strength. These games improve cognitive functions, boost pattern recognition, and develop critical thinking skills. These skills are useful in a variety of situations, including academics.

Mind sports include board and video games that are a challenge to the brain. These games have been recognized by the International Olympic Committee as mind sports. In addition to traditional board and video games, these games include speed reading, poker, puzzles, and other types of competitions.

Besides being fun and entertaining, mind sports also provide a range of mental and physical health benefits. For instance, playing games such as Sudoku or chess will improve your memory and critical thinking, boost your stress handling abilities, and help you develop an instant focus. These games also help you build your confidence and mental agility.

Maitake Mushrooms

Maitake mushrooms are known for their unique taste and texture. They are also high in Vitamin D and beta-glucans. They are often used as an adaptogen, which helps to regulate unbalanced systems. They also boost the immune system and fight illness.

A study on mice showed that the supplementation of maitake decreased cholesterol levels, inflammation and stress. It also lowered bone cancer and leukemia. In addition, the D-fraction extracted from the mushroom was shown to kill human cancer cells.

Maitake has become popular in the United States in the last two decades, but the mushrooms originally grow in Japan, Asia, and Europe. Currently, researchers are studying the medicinal properties of the mushrooms and the effects on the human body.

In the United States, a company named Odaira is growing and shipping mushrooms to consumers. They hope to expand their business to at least 150 employees. They will be shipping mushrooms to restaurants, chefs, and other users in major North American cities.


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