If you are looking for a game that is easy to play, yet requires a lot of skill, you should try one of the sports that start with the letter P. These include Pushball, Kabaddi, and Practical shooting.

Practical shooting

Practical shooting is a sport that combines accuracy with speed. It teaches the shooter how to engage targets in a variety of positions and under various obstacles. The exercises are designed to simulate real life situations and test the shooter’s skill.

A number of different organizations have developed practical shooting competitions. These include the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC), the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA), and the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS).

IPSC was founded in 1976 in Columbia, Missouri. The organization has become the largest practical shooting sanctioning body in the world. They hold competitions using pistols, shotguns, and rifles. Other sanctioning bodies include the NRA, the Single Action Shooting Society, and the International Defensive Pistol Association.

In 2007, the USPSA purchased the Steel Challenge Shooting Association. They now oversee and control eight standardized courses of fire. However, these matches are not always the same. Depending on the location of the match, competitors are required to shoot targets from a variety of positions.


Pushball is a team sport. The objective is to get the inflated ball through the goalposts of the opposing team. Players score points for rolling the ball through the posts, heaving it over the crossbar, and muscling it over the line. For a penalty, the player gets two points, and is given another within the lo-yard line.

The first pushball game took place in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, in 1905. It was played to raise money for the St Mary’s Catholic Church in Kalgoorlie. A large crowd of spectators attended the event and pushed the ball around the field when it was not in use.

The game was not very popular at the time, and was only considered a novelty. Nevertheless, it was featured in charity games throughout the early 1900s. Charity events were held for several different causes. These included the War Distress Fund and the Roman Catholic Church.

In the 1930s, pushball was still a popular game, although it was played on horseback. The game was played in front of an audience of 8,000 people.


Kabaddi is a sport that has its origins in ancient India. It is played by two teams of seven players on a rectangular court, using no balls or pucks.

Teams compete by taking over one half of the court. Players run across the center line and try to tag opposing team members. If a player is caught, the other team is awarded a point.

The sport is popular in many countries. In the United States it is known as Red Rover. In England it is called British Bulldog. Across Asia it is referred to as gudu and ha-do. It is also played in Sri Lanka.

To win a match, a team must score more points than the opposition. To do this, all seven players must attempt to stop a single opposing player from moving back to his half of the court.

A raider is a member of the attacking team who runs into the defending team’s half of the court. He must make a cant before touching the opponent’s court. Once he touches the opposing team, he must run back to his own side without running out of breath.

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