sports that start with I

There are many sports that start with the letter I. These sports range from Air and Ice sports to athletics. These include Ice climbing, Ice canoeing and Guns.

Ice canoeing

Ice canoeing is a winter sport where teams of five paddlers maneuver their canoes through frozen water. The canoes are 28 feet long and weigh around 250 pounds. They are designed to navigate the fast-moving ice of the St. Lawrence River, which flows from Ontario to New York.

The sport was introduced in Quebec City in the 17th century. The French colonists used canoes to transport goods, passengers, and prisoners across the St. Lawrence. Later, steamboats replaced canoes as a means of transportation.

Today, ice canoeing has become an increasingly popular sport in Quebec. It is now considered an extreme sport. It requires specialized equipment, crampons, and oars. Canoes are usually built to race specifications. They must be brightly colored, meet the weight limits, and carry 100 liters of floatation material.

Ice climbing

Ice climbing is an exciting winter sport. It combines speed, excitement and precision. It can be a rewarding hobby for a novice or an experienced climber.

It takes some training and practice to master ice climbing techniques. To begin, you should take a course from a knowledgeable guide or club. After that, you will need to acquire your own gear. Eventually, you may choose to go to an ice festival to test out the sport.

Ice climbers use crampons to gain traction on slippery ice. They also require a harness. The UIAA, or the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation, is a worldwide association that promotes the sport of mountaineering and ice climbing.

Ice cross downhill

Ice cross downhill is a fast-paced extreme winter sport. The athletes skate down a narrow ice track, and then jump over ramps and sharp turns. As they race, they use ice skates and hockey protective gear.

The sport began in Sweden in 2001. The first competition was held in Stockholm. Other events have been held in Moscow and Klagenfurt, Austria. It’s not an official Olympic sport yet, but its growing popularity has been noticed by the IOC.

Although the IOC is still studying its potential, it could include ice cross downhill in its calendar. It’s also working on getting the sport approved as an official Olympic event.

Ice hockey

Ice hockey is a full contact sport played by teams of six players. It is similar to shinny and hurling. The goal is to shoot the puck into the other team’s goal. The game is fast paced and has the potential to cause major injuries.

The modern game of ice hockey evolved from shinny and hurling. It started in Canada and has since become the most popular winter sport in the world. It is also one of the fastest sports, with players moving at high speeds.

In the late 19th century, Canadian leagues began paying players who participated in amateur matches. The first professional ice hockey leagues were formed in the early 1900s.

Air sports

Air sports can be a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors, while getting a good workout. They can also provide an adrenaline rush and a sense of freedom. Some of the popular air sports are: Skydiving, Aeromodelling, and Parachuting.

The FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) is the world’s governing body for all forms of air sports. This non-profit organisation sets rules for competitions and awards world records. It has more than 90 member organizations across the globe.

The FAI has several commissions that oversee different air sports. The Commissions make recommendations at the annual meeting of the association. These recommendations are then acted upon by the FAI National Committees.


Athletics is a sport which involves competitive running, jumping and throwing events. It has a wide range of competitive categories, and can result in controversy among competitors and spectators.

The most important level of competition in athletics is the Olympic Games. The Olympics are held every four years, and most nations send teams to compete in them. In addition to running, jumping and throwing, athletes also participate in the race walking event.

The World Paralympic Games are the highest-level competition for athletes with disabilities. Athletes compete in a range of different events, including the decathlon and the heptathlon.


Starting pistols have been used in sports for many years. They were first used in American football in 1924 to signal the end of quarters. Today, they are also used in other sporting events, including swimming and athletics. They are used to give the start of a race, and they can be adapted for use by deaf competitors.

Starting pistols are a type of blank handgun, meaning that they cannot fire actual bullets. They are typically modified versions of the standard pistol. They emit a plume of smoke when they are triggered. However, they can still be used in a number of situations, such as in films and TV shows.

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