sports that start with E

The letter E is one of the first letters in many sports. Some of these include: Athletics, Kickboxing, and Endurance riding. There is also Cheerleading, Eight-Ball, and Air Sports.

Air sports

The following list of sports and activities is by no means exhaustive. However, it will serve as a starting point for a well-rounded and thoroughly enjoyable experience. The best part is that you are free to pick and choose what suits you best. The list includes the aforementioned triathlon, as well as other water based and land based activities. You can also find a nice selection of golf courses, tennis courts and a variety of other facilities to suit all your sporting needs.


Athletics are a group of games and sports involving competitive running, jumping, throwing and racewalking. It is considered a form of sport for both men and women and is often the most popular sport in North America.

Athletics is also part of the Paralympic Games since 1960. The Paralympics is a multi-sport event held each summer, and it features athletes with disabilities competing in various track and field events.

Athletics competition has evolved into a full-fledged professional activity. The sport’s high profile is best exemplified during major championships like the Olympics or World Athletics Championships.


Cheerleading is a sport in which teams of athletes perform various stunts and dance routines in order to entertain and motivate the crowd. These events are often held at national and regional venues.

Cheerleading was historically a men’s sport, but women began to join teams in the late ’20s. The first women’s cheer squad was formed at the University of Minnesota.

Cheerleaders create elaborate routines, including dance, tumbling, and jumping. The routines are generally performed for about a minute. Each performance has a different level of skills and is judged on a variety of stunts, as well as the overall impression.

Endurance riding

Endurance riding is a sport that combines the art of horsemanship with the science of equine management. The ride is often a race-like event and is usually held in a competitive environment.

The history of endurance rides can be traced back to a 1911 proposal by General Leonard Wood of the Army to organize a long-distance test with several horses. Although he declined the challenge, it led to the birth of the sport of endurance riding.

As time passed, competitions and events were held in various places, including California, Vermont, Nevada, Tennessee and Virginia. A major event was the 1955 Western States Trail Ride. This was a 300-mile race.


Eight-Ball is a billiards game that requires fifteen balls and cue sticks. It is a variation of the old school pool game. There are seven solid colored balls and seven striped balls. The player who pockets all of the object balls wins the game.

There are many variations of the Eight-Ball game. It is usually played as a team sport, with four or five people. It has also become popular in amateur competition in the UK and Australia. Some rules are specific to each region, but most Eight-Ball games are self-officiated.


Kickboxing is an exciting sport that engages the entire body. It combines strength training with cardio exercises to produce a lean, toned, and fit physique. It also teaches basic combat skills, including punches, kicks, and defense.

Kickboxing is a sport that requires quick reactions and an agile mind. A great kickboxer is strong-willed and motivated. He must be confident and have a healthy mental attitude.

In addition to mental toughness, kickboxers must be focused on the right training methods. In order to maximize their performance, they should focus on cultivating their kickboxing skills, nutrition, and confidence. They must be careful not to overtrain. They should also make sure they have adequate rest periods.


Sports that start with M aren’t just a matter of what is the fastest or the longest, there is a wide range of them to choose from. For example, there are archery, arm wrestling, and badminton. And there are sports that are unique to a country, such as Australian rules football. If you’re learning English, it can be helpful to understand the names of sports, especially the ones starting with the letter M. Below is a list of the sports that begin with the letter M, in no particular order.


In the English language, there are only a few sports that start with the letter Q. However, if you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you may be familiar with the sport of quidditch, which is played with brooms between two teams of seven players. This sport is quite popular on college campuses and in the south of the United States. In fact, the Ivy League school Penn has an entire sports team named the Quakers, who play in the NCAA Division I.

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