sports that start with C

When you think of sports, you probably think of the big names, such as football or baseball. While these two are certainly popular, there are plenty of other lesser known games and sports that start with the letter C. Learn more about some of them below!


If you’re looking for an activity to get involved in, you might consider cheerleading. It’s one of the most popular sports in the US, with more than three million people participating in school and community programs.

Cheerleading began as a sideline activity at high schools and colleges in the early 1900s. The sport expanded quickly. In fact, it is the fastest growing female sport in the world.

As the cheerleading community evolved, new skills and stunts were added. Acrobatics and tumbling were introduced. Spirit sticks and pom-poms were also added. Later, megaphones became a popular accessory.

Today, competitive cheer is a sport in its own right. The sport is reliant on complex tumbling combinations and tightly synced choreography. The routines are typically fast and glitzy.


Catchball is a game based on a simple idea. It started in Israel as a variant of volleyball. It has since spread to countries worldwide. It is one of the most popular sports in Israel.

The game is played in an indoor setting with two teams of six players. There are typically two center blockers and a setter. Each team scores a point for a successful rally. It is not uncommon for teams to win in two sets. The third set is scored for up to 15 points.

In addition to catching a ball, it is also possible to catch a spike. To do so, you must be in possession of the blocking ball. You must be able to touch the object with both feet.


Chinlone is a unique sport that is practiced in Myanmar, also known as Burma. It is a blending of sport and dance. It involves a ball made of rattan or taing. There are many different techniques of handling the ball and contacting it. It is one of the oldest sports in the world, dating back more than a thousand years.

Chinlone is a team sport played by six players. The players stand in a circle and pass the ball between each other. The objective is to keep the ball from hitting the ground. In order to do this, each player uses six points of contact with the ball. The ball is made from rattan and is woven.

Players in a game of chinlone must stay focused on the game. They are not allowed to wander in the moment. In fact, they are judged on their agility and grace. They are also renowned for their acrobatic and complex moves.

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