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It is very important and necessary to learn how to get better at soccer. By reading this article, you will be able to reach the goal. However, before diving into the details, you may want to discover what soccer is. Soccer is a popular sport that many people enjoy playing. Those who like to play soccer can choose from the different leagues and teams available in their area, such as amateur or professional. There are also different types of soccer; one type is called indoor soccer while another type of streetball is very popular.

How to Get Better at Soccer

Soccer has been around for centuries and it continues to grow in popularity today with more children and adults getting involved. Soccer players use their feet, head, chest, stomach and hands on the ball when they’re trying to score points against opponents on the field. It’s important for all soccer players to be physically fit so they can run up and down the field without becoming worn out too quickly during games or scrimmages.

Soccer is one of the world’s most popular sports, with millions players at every level from youth to professional. Mastering soccer takes years training and practice; however you can make progress – particularly in fundamental areas that provide a strong framework for future success.

It takes a lot of work and patience to get better at soccer. But there are many ways for you to do so, including by reading our tips and guides on how to improve your skills. If you’ve got the time and energy, we hope these can help!

Let’s discover the given tips on How to Get Better at Soccer

Before going into the specific steps, you may want to have a look at the summary of tips below:

Running: To get the most out of your training, it’s important that you do not stop running! Always alternate between long distance runs for endurance and short sprints on each day. For example: one day could involve three miles or more while another has shorter distances such as 400 meters maximum with two minutes rest in-between bouts instead. There should also be an easy morning/evening cycling session twice weekly so this does not interfere too much with fitness levels but don’t overdo things either.

Dribbling: Soccer players must learn how to control the ball while running up and down a field. This skill, known as dribbling can be very useful for preventing turnovers in soccer games – so it’s important that you become comfortable with your feet on solid ground by practicing!

Penalty Kicks Practice: Practice makes perfect! A professional player can bring additional power to their soccer program by practicing penalty kicks. Take at least fifty of these practice shots each day, mastering making contact with the ball on your inside foot and driving it toward target.

Passing: It is necessary to practice with a partner to improve your skills. By learning how to pass the soccer ball back and forth repeatedly, and hit your partner in stride while running down the field, you will be able to improve your skills. This is known as an “through-ball” which creates opportunities for scoring!

Lobbing: Whether you’re a pro or just getting started, this skill will help take your game to the next level. By chipping the ball up in the air, and lobbing it high over defenders into tight spaces, you will be able to “upgrade” your skills quickly.

Common Tips and Tricks on How to Get Better at Soccer in 2021

There are many ways to improve your soccer skills, but it can take time and practice before you become a pro. To make the most of this guide for newbies, we recommend reading through these tips as well as our other guides on how to get better at soccer. We hope you find them helpful!

There are lots of ways to get better at soccer. It is a pleasure to watch a good soccer player running, dribbling and scoring goals. But most spectators have no idea how much work goes into becoming a top-level soccer player, for it’s a full time job starting with school age and finishing long after retirement from professional life. And in-between there are countless hours of training including drills, weightlifting, running and team practice.

But let’s say that you are an average player. You don’t have much time to practice, but you still want to get better at soccer. And it really is possible, even though the road might be long and arduous. Here are some tips that will help any football fan become a much better player in just one week.

1) Watch professional players

No matter how busy your schedule is, make sure to watch five games of top league teams every week. This can be done either by attending these games in person or watching them on TV or online streams. Watching professionals play football will teach you many new skills that you probably won’t learn anywhere else, plus it improves your style of playing by tricks that only exist in the world of pros.

2) Practice juggling

Juggle with a ball as long as you can every day. Do it for ten minutes in the morning after breakfast, and another ten minutes before retiring to bed. This is one of the most important soccer skills that must be perfected even by professionals, so it’s definitely worth learning at any level. You can start learning how to juggle with two balls first then move on to three or more. For advanced players there are some very interesting tricks , including keeping all the balls in the air at once .

3) Read some tips about soccer performance

There are many websites which offer great advice on how to improve your game fast. One good example is this site here , which suggests some useful routines for better performance. You can also try subscribing to some specialized websites or magazines devoted entirely to soccer, which will give you invaluable information on new training methods and tricks.

4) Improve your stamina with tire running

One of the most common mistakes among amateur players is giving up too soon. A good opponent might make it hard for you in the first half an hour but as long as you keep playing and stay focused, chances are they’ll start getting tired at some point and you’ll be able to grab a goal easily by exploiting their lowered level of energy. Tire running is one exercise that helps improve endurance , but other drills such as those found on this site should also help if done regularly and correctly.

5) Take regular breaks from kicking the ball

Breaks are an important part of any training routine. Your muscles need time to rest and recover after working hard, otherwise you’ll start feeling pain in the long run. Make sure to take a break from kicking the ball for one hour on a daily basis, either by stopping practice or playing some other kind of game that doesn’t involve soccer balls.

6) Learn some new tricks

There are many great tricks on YouTube , but only few players have mastered all of them even at semi-pro level. If you want to become better, it’s vital that you focus on the basics first then learn more advanced skills as your talent progresses . Otherwise you can get injured or face another type of trouble due to lack of experience with certain moves.

7) Go jogging or swimming once a week

Healthy lifestyles help you stay fit and become better at soccer. Jogging or swimming helps train your stamina and improve your ability to run for long distances without getting exhausted too soon, thus making you an invaluable member of the starting eleven. But don’t forget to take regular breaks so that muscles can heal and grow stronger in time. You can learn how to do simple but effective exercises at home here .

8) Find a mentor

Even though you might think that you know everything about soccer there’s always room for improvement when it comes to certain aspects like passing, dribbling, shooting etc. There are many skilled players out there who would be happy to give you advice if they knew that you were interested, so why not reach out to them? You can do it directly or start by joining a local soccer community where players of the same level meet and practice together.

9) Improve your dribbling skills

Shaun Bartlett is one of the greatest dribblers of all time. Learn how he moves with the ball in this video . To become better at dribbling you must learn some basic but important skills like staying low , feinting properly etc. Dribbling also involves movement on the field, which makes it very similar to dancing; there are many great dancers who started learning how to move before they became good at technical tricks.

10) Organize scrimmages with friends or other groups

Playing regular matches against different opponents is the most effective way to improve your skills and become a better player. Organizing scrimmages with friends or joining some community who plays soccer on regular basis will help you practice both individual and team-oriented aspects of the game and quickly reach a higher level of play.

11) Take part in local soccer events, leagues and tournaments

Playing matches against other players is also one of the best ways to attract attention from professional scouts . There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big, so why not try entering your first tournament as soon as possible? It doesn’t matter whether you’ll win it or not; all that matters for people who scout new talent is how well you perform during those two hours. Don’t forget to wear proper shoes and use a ball with the right level of firmness, however.

12) Improve your shooting technique

The number one player in terms of goals scored is usually Ronaldo, but he didn’t get that far by accident. Cristiano Ronaldo said about his own style of play that it’s all about improving his shooting every day . It’s very much possible for everyone to learn how to shoot properly and score more goals , even when they’re playing against top level opponents who will try to prevent you from getting close enough to shoot. Don’t forget to check out this guide on soccer goalkeeping either, because it will help you understand what makes a good shooter! Remember: once you can shoot well it will be hard for any defender in the world to stop you from scoring a goal.

13) Improve your ball control skills

Just like dribbling, controlling the ball well can also make a great difference between winning and losing a match. There are many great soccer players out there who manage to control the ball under heavy pressure from defenders, because the only way to make progress when it comes to juggling is by practicing every day . You can train alone or with friends – it’s up to you! However, learning never ends so try joining different community events whenever you get a chance. It doesn’t matter how good the other players in that group are: what really matters is that they know how to practice and play together as a team!

14) Watch matches on TV and learn from other people’s mistakes

Wouldn’t you agree that watching a good soccer match on TV is the most entertaining way to learn about the game and watch different players perform? There’s nothing wrong with trying to find some live streams online if you want to; however, it’s more practical for everyone who wants to improve their skills by watching other people play – especially professionals. You can get tips from many of them regarding culture , how-to’s and anything else related to this great sport . It doesn’t really matter what type of player you are but everything does matter when it comes to improving your overall performance on the field!

15) Practice off-the-ball movement during training sessions or while playing against friends

Off-the-ball movement is just as important as the way you control and pass the ball. You can learn how to do it properly and improve your overall strategies for attacking and defending by watching some real top level players in action. There’s nothing wrong with trying to imitate some of their moves; however, don’t forget that it takes years of practice to become a truly great player ! Regardless of whether you play for fun or want to find a professional team who will sign you up, focus on learning from everyone around you.

16) Practice passing with different parts of your feet

The best soccer players in the world can pass precisely no matter which part of their foot they use to kick the ball . This is just one example of how important each little detail is when it comes to soccer, so don’t forget about it. You might not need to pass the ball too often during a match but it’s good to know that you’re capable of doing so if something unexpected happens.

17) Practice first touch even more than you practice passing the ball

The first step towards becoming an amazing soccer player is improving your first touch . It doesn’t matter whether you’re on defense or offense: knowing what to do with the ball as soon as you get hold of it will make all the difference between winning and losing. Pay attention to players who are able to control, dribble and shoot within seconds after catching the “skinny” part of the ball (or toe-poking). You can also read some of our older posts about this, for example here .

18) Improve your game by trying to reproduce professional soccer player moves during FREEPLAY

Another great way to improve your game is by trying out new tricks or moves that you’ve just seen pro players doing in front of the TV. Freeplay (when there’s no opponent for you to compete against) is the best time for practicing shots , dribbling and everything else related to how-to play soccer like a real champion ! The more creative you are when it comes to selecting the right training exercises – the better results you’ll get in return! This is something I can guarantee because I’ve already tried it myself many times over.

19) Analyze what other people do wrong in order to avoid repeating their mistakes

It’s a good idea to pay attention to some of the mistakes that other players make during a match. This will allow you to improve your skills and avoid making roughly the same mistakes while playing in the future! I remember watching some older matches on TV with my dad when I was younger. It was great seeing how high class soccer used to be played all those years ago; however, it was even better learning about different player mistakes (and how they could have easily been avoided).

20) Look for new tactics every game by taking advantage of your strengths or opponent’s weaknesses

There are many ways that pro players use in order to win games against their opponents . These days, things like “parking the bus” (playing extremely defensively) or “catenaccio” (playing extremely offensively) are pretty common strategies among many players. However, these aren’t the only two ways to win a game! It’s normal that every player has their own style of playing which makes it possible for them to achieve better results than others on some days. Follow your instincts and try various tactics during matches; you’ll be surprised at how this might change your overall performance.

21) Practice tackling as much as possible because this is one of the most important skills in soccer

What we love about playing defense is being able to tackle an opponent just before they have a chance to shoot or score a goal . This is why practicing “tackling” should become one of your lifelong hobbies if you want to improve your overall game in a short period of time. It’s very hard for a person who’s not used to tackling in soccer to do so during a real match, so don’t forget about this important tip!

22) Try out different types of corner kicks

There are many different types of corner kicks that can be used in order to surprise opponents . However, you should know that some corners are more effective than others when it comes down to scoring goals from them. Take all the time necessary in order to find out which kind of kick works best for you and your team: after all, this is one of the most useful tricks there is and it could make the difference between winning or losing a match if done properly. A good example of a corner kick is the “banana” one, something you can easily understand watching this video .

23) Pay attention to other players’ mistakes in order to score goals from them

This might sound a bit confusing at first sight; however, it’s actually quite simple. If your opponent commits an obvious mistake during a match (for example: kicks the ball out of bounds), then there should be some space for you and other teammates to take advantage of that situation as much as possible! Try sprinting into that open area as soon as you notice that your teammate was able to steal or collect the ball after their opponent kicked it away. This will probably give them enough time in order to place themselves beautifully in front of the goal; in this case, trying to score won’t be that difficult for them anymore.

24) Practice free kicks by yourself or with friends whenever you have the chance

There are many different types of free kicks which can change a game’s outcome depending on how well they’re done . You should know that practicing these kinds of shots is one of the best ways to become good at doing them during matches. Even if your friends don’t play soccer, they might still want to help you improve your skills! All you have to do is go talk to some buddies and offer them something in return (such as money or candy). You’ll be surprised at how simple it is finding people who are willing to practice football drills with you on their free time!

25) Jumping is a very important skill in soccer, so practice it whenever you have the chance

Imagine if your opponents were much taller than you when playing against them. What would happen then? Well, they’d probably win every ball that goes into the air , which can be really frustrating given how many goals are scored this way nowadays. If your goal is to become a great player at FIFA 13 or other soccer games like this, then improving your jumping skills should definitely be one of your top priorities! Use whatever looks available to improve yourself (for example: buy some weights or go running on regular basis): doing so will surely give you better results in no time at all.

26) Watch videos of real players while simulating an actual match

This is one of the best methods we know in order to become better at doing some specific actions and movements at a very fast rate , so keep this trick in your personal FIFA training schedule. You can watch videos of real players while simulating a match or even try doing it while you play against other people on Xbox Live or PSN! This will help you get used to pressing buttons, following markers and moving around at high speeds during matches; however, there’s no better way than actually putting that into practice by yourself if you want your skills to improve as much as possible.

Extra Tips and Tricks to Have a Look at:

Besides, you can practice the following tips and tricks to increase your level.

1> Trying to be good at your first touch

Make sure you perfect your first touch, and then try to practice without pausing with your next pass, shot, or dribble.

2> Learning how to dribble

Make sure you have the place to practice. It is recommended that you should practice with your two feet. Practicing in a small area is recommended. Dribbling between the lines can improve your skills quickly.

3> Learning to hit the ball in different areas

By doing so, you will be able to improve your ball control.

4> Keeping your eyes up throughout the match

Don’t forget to keep your eyes up throughout the match. Most of newbies make common mistake by keeping eyes on the ball instead of keeping eyes up.

5> Taking every practice seriously

If you want to become Pro in Soccer, you should practice everyday seriously. Practice makes perfect!

More Simple Tips

A good way to get better at soccer is by learning new moves. There are many simple drills that one can do in order to learn these moves. For instance when standing still try twisting your body or turning your head in opposite directions using both feet alternatively then switch over to moving while dribbling a ball. This will give you a feel on changing direction quickly while dribbling a ball, which will help when you have to break away from a defender.

Another great way to get better at soccer is by practicing frequently. It doesn’t matter what type of practice session it is, just as long as there is a goal. If you are limited on time set small goals that can be reached in a short period of time and work your way up from there. For instance if the goal is to practice your dribbling for 20 minutes try having one line facing forward with a ball in a straight line behind them while another player or coach feeds balls so the players in front can work on their dribbles and turns around cones placed randomly around the field. Once they feel comfortable you could throw some defenders into the mix, but make sure you keep it fun and not pressure filled.

Another great tip on how to get better at soccer is getting some professional feedback from a coach or player as well as watching some instructional videos on YouTube. It’s important to know the type of player you are and what your strengths and weaknesses are. For instance, I am a left footed player that likes dribbling with my right, if I focus too much on using my left it will actually come back and bite me later in games. You will be able to spot mistakes and correct them if you watch videos/coach other players and also receive professional feedback during training sessions so you can use those tips/tricks when playing matches!

Last but definitely not least, another great way to get better at soccer is by playing lots of soccer. It will not only make you a better player but it will also build character and memories that’ll last forever! No matter if it’s pick up games, league games or just with your friends there is no substitute for game like situations where you can work on your skills/tactics in the heat of the moment.

We hope these tips proved useful for you and that they improved your game for good! Don’t forget that practicing something is always better than reading about it.

FAQs about how to get better at soccer

How to get better at soccer? It’s a question that can be answered in many ways. Though an important factor is obviously the ambition and willingness to improve and work hard, it also depends on what you are already good at. Some players are lucky enough to have the talent for dribbling around others or scoring goals almost every time they get the ball, while others need more time before they make an impact on the game. Below is the list of FAQs that may help you out.

1> What are two basic things at soccer?

The game of soccer is based on two things: tactics and technique. Both tactics and technique play a vital role in how a player performs during a match.

2> How do I practice technique?

At the beginning of every week, make sure you are always training at 100%. This means practicing your soccer skills for at least an hour everyday.

3> What are the most important elements of soccer technique?

All Soccer Technique Areas are equally as important. However, ball Control is something which every player needs to practice on a regular basis! There are many reasons why ball control is so important but they include: being able to beat defenders with ease giving yourself more time on the ball and getting up close & personal with goalkeepers for those awkward shots in front of an oncoming defender…. Simply put having good ball control will make your life easier.

4> How often should I practice?

To master any skill it requires practice; How much depends on how talented someone is but we are willing to bet most players don’t train enough when they could be working on their game week in week out. “Practice Makes Perfect” that saying couldn’t be more true!!

5> How to improve my stamina?

Stamina is very important in soccer as it can help you play the game for longer periods of time without feeling tired or exhausted. There are different kinds of activities that players need to practice on regularly which will increase their stamina and allow them to play more comfortably without feeling too much strain. These days there are a lot of advanced gadgets that can track your performance and enable you to check how well conditioned you are after a few weeks, months etc. Also doing some ordinary exercises like cycling, jogging, running etc can give you the desired results in a short time.

6> How to get back into soccer shape?

Getting back into soccer shape is one of the most challenging tasks that players need to go through when they leave sport for some reason or other. Fitness is something which improves with right kind of training so try your best while going out on the field without worrying too much about results because it will come on its own as long as you put in your best.

7> What should be my long-term and short-term soccer goals?

Every player has their own perspective towards the sport as they have different reasons for starting with it in first place. Long-term goals are those that players need to achieve within months or years whereas short term ones include those that can be achieved over a period of weeks or months.

8> How much time should I spend on training drills?

It is not necessary to spend too much time on drills as they already have a lot of practice sessions scheduled throughout the week with games every weekend. There are some players who even don’t go for practices and put in all their efforts during matches only which might be a better option if someone is 100% sure about it.

9> In which training drills can I improve my dribbling?

Dribbling is a skill that requires individual practice. Players need to train their skills more often on this one as it requires more practice than others. There are some ways to become good at dribbling, but the best way would be giving a lot of time and dedication towards the sport. For becoming a great dribbler you need to practice with your team mates as it will encourage them too and thus outplaying almost every opponent becomes easier.

10> Is ball control important to focus on?

Ball control is also another important thing in this regard as maintaining possession of the ball is always helpful in attack rather quite challenging to win balls from opponents during attacks. It decreases pressure on your defense quite considerably as you can easily attack after winning back the ball.


Learning how to get better at soccer is very important whether you are newbie or pro. Soccer is a sport that has been around for centuries and will continue to be around. It’s one of the most popular sports in the world, with people playing it all over the globe. As such, there are many tips and tricks on how to get better at soccer out there! You can find these advice from professional players who have played internationally or just by watching YouTube videos about their own experience. We’ve compiled some great information here on our blog so you don’t need to go searching anymore! With this guide we hope you’ll become pro sooner than later when learning new skills.

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